Continuous improvement


EVOLIO Training Sessions

Why follow an Internet strategies and tactics training session?

Your website is the heart of your marketing strategy

Training allows you to grasp the stakes concerning the Web and the needs of online visitors, but also understand the interdependence of your strategies and the impact of the Web.

Adopt the best online business practices

You will be able to develop an Internet strategy and thus increase the profitability and efficiency of every department. Creating a positive experience and maintaining your image online is essential – your website is your first-look showroom.


Benefits of training sessions:

Make of the Internet a genuine sales tool

Integrate the Internet in your global strategy and increase your overall knowledge of search engines, optimization, social media and online advertising.
You will know how to convince your online visitors, attract new customers, create opportunities and generate customer requests.

Maximize your team’s performance

You will be able to establish an Internet strategy that allows you to more effectively manage your website and increase conversion of your requests into appointments and of appointments into sales. You will better manage your online requests, including price quote, road test and service appointment requests, as well as telephone calls and requests received via online chats.