New! View all your leads received and their details

This post is part of the VO Releases series which highlights new features of the VO platform for automotive dealers.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new tool in Take The Road called the Lead Viewer. This tool fulfills a recurring need among our clients which is to view Web leads received and see all their details.

The Lead Viewer will allow you to quickly:

  1. View all the leads received since March 2015.
  2. Filter leads by type.
  3. Filter leads by time period.
  4. View all the details of each lead.

Moreover, this tool displays the email to which the lead has been sent to as well as the section, form or coupon from where the lead came from.
This new VO tool is now available to all VO clients and is part of the free features developped for and included in all VO Website Solutions.

  • Where can I find this tool? In your Take The Road account, on your Dashboard under the CMS tab dropdown. Once in the Dashboard, click on Lead Viewer in the CRM tab dropdown. Your Take The Road access will be needed. Call customer support if you need any help. 1.888.474.2886 extension 231 or at support@evolio.ca