New on Take The Road: Improved interface for EVOLIO Call Tracking

“We are happy to announce today the graphic redesign of our Call Tracking tool. As of yesterday, all Take The Road users have been transferred to the new interface. The tool will now be available under the ‘Reports’ menu.

About EVOLIO Call Tracking

This tool generates different telephone numbers, allowing for an analysis of marketing campaigns’ performances. If you would like to know how many calls your destination page or your display banner generates, ask us for a unique telephone number and you will have access to these statistics in real time.

EVOLIO Call Tracking also records every call, allowing for an analysis of your representatives’ performances and ensuring improvement in your level of customer service.

Graphic redesign: the first of several to come!

This new interface is a first step toward the redesign of all tools available on Take The Road. Each tool will be re-examined in order to improve our users’ experience online.

These improvements will focus on three areas:

Renewal of the design:
  • Updated graphic design
  • Continuity and standardization between tools
  • Optimization for a 1024 resolution
Improved navigation:
  • New left-side menu
  • Contextual advice for each tool
Optimization “”under the hood””:
  • Increased compatibility with new Internet browsers
  • Quicker page loading