Multimedia Products


From the other side of the desk, in the waiting room, or while passing by the dealership, your customers and business partners never quite have a complete picture of all the efforts and investments you make on a daily basis to improve your service, offer the best car products available, and remain on the lookout for the latest and most sophisticated technologies and industry standards.

With this multimedia content, you will develop new, more effective ways to communicate with your customers as you work to strengthen your relationship and further enhance the unique experience you are providing.

Multimedia Communication:

Our Primary Goals
We create HD videos and digital photo galleries that will help you take full advantage of modern media platforms in an effort to highlight:

  • your dealership’s image;
  • the commitment and professionalism of your staff;
  • your showroom and service area;
  • your product line-up;
  • your after-sales service;
  • your interaction with customers.


These platforms allow you to:

  • Shed a new light on your dealership;
  • Detail and illustrate the various products and services you offer;
  • Promote your used vehicle inventory;
  • Convey the atmosphere in your showroom;
  • Take a tour of your service and repair area to watch the technicians at work;
  • Introduce your team members and show your customers how much they can be trusted;
  • Include testimonials and other customer feedback that will boost the perceived value of your dealership;
  • Highlight your involvement in the community;
  • Show all the upgrades to the facilities;
  • Provide a multimedia business card for the various car shows, demos and exhibitions you take part in;
  • Develop new, customized communication tools;
  • Give useful tips and advice to your customers: DVD on how the infotainment system works; Customized video showing the many different features of the vehicle a customer is buying.

Advertising Channels

The multimedia content that we produce will be delivered in a variety of formats to allow you to promote your dealership both on the new technological platforms and the more traditional platforms. Here are some of the channels you can use:

  • Your website along with social media
  • YouTube
  • Your own closed-circuit network (showroom, waiting room, etc.)
  • Sales kit for your representatives
  • Exhibition stand (shopping malls, auto shows and other external events, etc.)
  • Conferences



Rights of Use

You will own the universal rights to use and display the entire multimedia content that we produce as part of the project.

Technical Specifications

  • Finished product with stock footage delivered on an external hard drive;
  • High-definition pictures and videos;
  • HD 1080P – 1920 x 1080 pixels (”FULL HD”);
  • All packages include a photo album and a video;
  • Our standard product line-up is complemented with a series of options that we can tailor to your specific goals and needs.

Team and Philosophy

We are your preferred online resource, a bridge between technology, the media and you. Our one and only mission is to ensure that your message gets through to the intended target and has the maximum impact on the market. We are your consultants and your guides as you work to make your vision become a reality. Just like you, we are driven by a desire for efficiency, productivity and concrete results.

All the members of our team have been working in automotive media for a number of years. Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of communication and multimedia production services including, but not limited to, design, screenwriting, directing, framing, lighting, audio capture, photography, editing, animation, voice-overs and translation.

Video and Photo Library

Here is some of our work.