An improved customer service. You can now follow-up on your requests by email.

serviceAs part of our ongoing effort to provide the best customer service, EVOLIO has developed a new state-of-the-art platform for its Support team, in effect since last week. This new tool will allow customers to easily interact with the Support/Customer Service team, and receive notification of the opening and closing of each request.

Advantages of the new platform

Effective immediately, customers can expect to receive a confirmation of reception when sending new requests via the Support/Customer Service email. Furthermore, to add comments or get informed about their request, customers can simply reply to the confirmation email received, and those copied on the email will also receive the follow-ups. These emails will be routed to the person responsible for their file. This improvement will ensure ease of communication with customers and also within the EVOLIO teams. We are proud to introduce this change for the benefit of customers.

Contacting Customer Service

No changes were made regarding how to contact the Support team. They continue to be reachable by email at support@evolio.ca or at 1 866 370-1411, extension 231. However, if customers want the benefits of this new tool, it is best to send their requests by email.


This platform promises an appealing future and advanced features for customers. Furthermore, it may will eventually be possible to track the progress of each request on a customer portal. This launch will be communicated in due course.

If you have any questions, feel free to communicate with the Support/Customer Service.