Auto123.com now listing all KIA Canada Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

KIA Canada & Auto123.com

A new partnership between KIA Canada, their agency INNOCEAN Worldwide Canada, and Auto123.com began last June. The partnership ensures all KIA Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are listed on Auto123.com.

KIA Canada & Auto123.com

This partnership helps all KIA dealers across Canada to have more exposure and increase brand awareness as their KIA Certified Pre-Owned vehicle inventory is now presented on Auto123.com, and this at no charge to the KIA dealership. Benefiting from this partnership, KIA dealers can expect increased web demands and sales.

To make the KIA Certified Pre-Owned vehicles stand out from all other KIA Pre-Owned vehicles, Auto123.com adds their CPO logo on the preview photo, as well as a link to the official KIA Canada website. When consulting the detail page of a specific vehicle, you’ll find all the dealership’s contact information, a link to their website, as well as a contact and road-test request form.

Displaying only KIA Certified Pre-Owned

But that’s not all; Auto123.com has added the option to display only KIA Certified Pre-Owned in their search options and filters. Therefore, in only a few clicks, it’s possible for car shoppers to browse only KIA Certified Pre-Owned vehicles available in their region, giving them all the extra benefits and privileges that the KIA CPO program has to offer.

KIA Canada & Auto123.com

For KIA Canada and its agency, this will allow more accurate web lead measurements, impressions, clicks, and eventually measure incoming calls through Call Tracking.

Last but not least, if you are a KIA dealer and wish to have your whole inventory listed on Auto123.com for extra visibility and extra sales at a low investment, be sure to contact an EVOLIO Interactive Marketing Consultant or email us at: sales@evolio.ca