Google AdWords For Car Dealers: How Much Does It Cost?

Google AdWordsThe idea with Google AdWords for car dealers, as with most business expenditures, is to be able to show a return on your investment (ROI). In this article, we’ll look at various factors to consider when determining your initial investment and then the elements to include when calculating the ROI of your AdWords account for car dealer.

Creating an AdWords Account for Car Dealer and Launching a Campaign

Planning to build a Google AdWords campaign for car dealer all by yourself? Then the direct costs will essentially be measured in time. Basically, these costs involve:

  • Creating a Google account and then an AdWords account
  • Researching target keywords
  • Developing a structure for your account and campaigns
  • Writing copy for your ads
  • Monitoring and measuring your campaigns

The AdWords campaign for your car dealership can be more successful right from the start if you create landing pages specific to each ad (or ad group) and work on image ads.

Trusting Your AdWords Campaign for Car Dealer to a Marketing Agency

Dealers who don’t have the time or expertise required to fully address the factors outlined above can always hire a marketing agency with experience in developing successful Google AdWords campaigns for car dealers. Obviously, the cost of managing AdWords for car dealers varies from one agency to another, but there are other variables to keep in mind including:

  • Your market’s competitiveness (online)
  • Your advertising budget
  • Your keyword list
  • Your campaigns or ad groups
  • Design work required for calls-to-action, ads, landing pages, etc.

From that point on, the best way to improve the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns for your car dealership is through regular maintenance. Long-term campaign management should be handled by a specialized online marketing agency, just like a car is best serviced by trained technicians working at a dealer of the same make.

Maintaining and Optimizing AdWords for Car Dealers

So far, you’ve only spent to develop an AdWords campaign for your car dealership and maybe a number of landing pages. Once the campaign goes live, you’ll start paying for your advertising, ensuring that people who search for the keywords that you’re targeting can easily find you.

With most AdWords accounts for car dealers and other types of businesses, you only pay when someone clicks on an ad, and you can decide how much you’re willing to pay for a click. If it costs more than what you’re bidding to get clicks for a particular keyword, your ads won’t show up.

Setting a Daily Budget for Your AdWords Car Dealer Campaign

You also need to set a daily advertising budget to specify how much you’re willing to spend on a Google AdWords campaign for your car dealership. The ability to set maximum cost per click (CPC) bids and daily budgets gives you greater control over your campaigns. It’s a powerful tool to use right after launching a campaign since you can get valuable insight at lower budget levels. Then, you can make changes to the campaigns and increase your budget to maximize the ROI for your campaign.

There’s more than paying for clicks, mind you. Once your Google AdWords campaign for car dealer goes live, there are other costs to consider like campaign stats and performance analysis, editing and maintenance, new ad development, keyword modifications as well as campaign expansions (to promote new products and services, for instance).

The Benefits of Teaming Up With an Online Marketing Agency

If you personally try to manage AdWords campaigns for your car dealership without any expertise in pay-per-click management, then maintaining and optimizing the account may prove a challenging and costly task in terms of time and money (excess spending, lost conversion opportunities, etc.). Changes to one area of a campaign can impact another, but you may not even realize it. For example, raising the maximum CPC for an ad group can either generate more clicks or result in a drop.

The cost of teaming up with an agency to analyze and manage the AdWords account for your car dealership will vary based on the different factors listed above. The overall costs of your operation may or may not be more, but one thing’s for sure: The expertise of a specialized agency can really make your AdWords campaign for car dealer more successful and help you achieve a higher ROI.

Think ROI, Not Just Google AdWords Costs

What you need to understand is that you must invest time and money to develop and test even the most basic of AdWords campaigns for car dealers. The key is to find a level that allows you to achieve your ROI goals and then build off of that. For each campaign, ad group or keyword, you want to be able to calculate and monitor your ROI.

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