AdWords and SEO Training Workshops for Vancouver Dealerships: ED3 Spring 2015

DSC_0708_croppedAfter Quebec City and Toronto, for its third and last instalment of the EVOLIO Digital Dealer Day (ED3) presentations for spring 2015, the EVOLIO team travelled to the west coast of Canada, specifically to the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, British Columbia.

Several members of the EVOLIO executive team, including Martin Gendron (VP Sales) and Michael Quigley (VP of Marketing), as well as Trevor Stewart (SEO Specialist), Frederic Feudi (AdWords Specialist) and Geneviève Julien-Béland (Training Coordinator) made the trip from the EVOLIO head office for the event.  They were joined by the local EVOLIO sales team for British Columbia, including Cliff Denham, Charlene Shier and Scott Hazelton, as well as Chantel Herron from Alberta.

Attending the event were representatives from several dozen car dealerships from across British Columbia, including car dealerships located in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Chilliwack and as far as Courtenay.

Bringing SEO and AdWords training workshops to car dealerships in Vancouver

The event kicked off by showcasing the recent announcement by Google of EVOLIO’s accession to the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program .  EVOLIO is proud to have been given the highly regarded Google Adwords Premier SMB Partners status; it is the first company to achieve this status in the automotive industry in Canada.

The event stuck with the Google AdWords theme with a presentation by EVOLIO trainer Geneviève Julien-Beland’s of Google’s statistics on cutting-edge current online marketing trends, followed by Google AdWords management theory and best practices.  Once done with this theory-focused Google AdWords background introduction, the participants dove into a practical AdWords training workshop that covered such topics as creating Keyword plans, advertising writing, ad extensions and other useful topics related to implementing proper management for effective and high-ROI Google AdWords campaigns.

The AdWords presentation was followed by lunch, after which the SEO presentation and workshop took centre stage.  Michael Quigley, EVOLIO’s VP of marketing and manager of EVOLIO’s dealership-focused SEO team, delivered the presentation.  It began with a high-level SEO theory primer, including the topic of off-site SEO, notably leveraging Google Plus and Google My Business accounts for SEO purposes.  Next came the SEO workshop, which focused on on-page SEO tactics, particularly creating a keyword plan, and implementing this keyword plan for writing SEO-optimized metadata descriptions, titles and headers.

ED3 Fall 2015 hot topics:  better websites, email and social media for car dealerships

Tphotohanks to a post-event survey of the attendees to all three ED3 events across Canada, many car dealerships expressed a very high-level satisfaction with regards to the topics, presenters and presentations, particularly the application of Google AdWords and SEO strategies and tactics in realistic workshop-type exercises.  Almost all attendees committed to attending the next series of events, and several even recommended longer or even multi-day events to allow for more in-depth training workshops.

Plans and topics are already being drawn up for the next series of ED3 events planned for fall 2015.  According to Michael Quigley, “we really want to share our solid, longstanding online marketing experience to help car dealerships be successful in today’s increasingly competitive online marketplace, and our ED3 events are designed to help.” Based on the survey results, increased online website visibility, increased website conversion, and the use of email marketing and social media to help build brands and create sales leads for car dealerships – all topics that EVOLIO excels in – are being considered for the next round of events. Make sure to receive an invitation to our next event: visit our contact page and sign up to receive our newsletter!

For any questions regarding EVOLIO’s ED3 events or any of the topics covered in this blog, contact Elisa Krummen at marketing@evolio.ca.