For over the past 14 years EVOLIO has been developing innovative, effective and profitable solutions
for automotive dealerships.

Optimized to meet the needs of each individual client, our solutions allow dealers to maximize their business opportunities online, by reinforcing the affective bond between them and their customers.
Pioneer of Internet marketing for professionals in the automotive sector, EVOLIO is the reference in the industry in Canada.
As a leader in its field and thanks to its unmatched experience, EVOLIO proposes and develops powerful interactive
marketing strategies and improves results for over 1,000 new and used vehicle dealerships, placing it firmly at the head
of the pack in Canada in the automotive interactive marketing sector.


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Our approach is based on user experience

This greatly influences the design, content and navigation of our sites. Taking into consideration the purchasing process, needs, expectations and behaviour is the key to success. Analysis goes hand in hand with testing, which is why at EVOLIO,
we always test our ideas a number of times.
Our methodology rests on UX studies and research, on discussion groups and on usability studies, with the aim of better understanding users, their needs and behaviour and to develop for you:

  • Tested, effective and optimized solutions
  • Attractive, intuitive and engaging websites that provide a guaranteed return on investment



With our solutions, you can:
  • Increase your visibility and credibility online
  • Attract more potential buyers on your website
  • Generate more online requests from qualified buyers
  • Increase traffic and thus sales
  • Provide each department with online sales opportunities

Our common objective is to maximize business opportunities on the Internet.

Results are measured, compared, convincing:
  • Optimize your ROI
  • Measure results in real time
  • Access data all in one place


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“EVOLIO has allowed us to multiply business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. We generate four times as many visits on our site, and seven times more page views.”

– Marc-André Grégoire, Grégoire Sport
“Our new site has doubled our number of visitors, and online price quote requests have tripled to over 150 per month. Thanks to EVOLIO, we have increased our sales significantly.”

– Charles Saillant, Ste-Foy Toyota
“The challenge was to increase our visibility and our customer leads, and thus our sales generated by the website. The result is convincing; we receive 60 price quote requests per month and 30 sales per month from our website. With EVOLIO, you will without doubt obtain results.”

– David Sirois, Roberge Hyundai